Returning to the World

After any descent, a return to the surface is required in order to bring the treasure back to society and to integrate all that hard won new knowledge into your own life. For the last few weeks I got sidelined by family illness, my fiance’s injured ribs, and my own battle with some nebulous infection that refuses to go away or become so critical that even I cannot avoid returning to the ER. I love the people who immediately became worried that I have the West Nile virus just because I have a lot of bug bites. The theater has always been one of my loves and I can usually appreciate a good drama:) The very beginning of a blog’s existence is probably not the best time to let it side but so I did. I extend my hand out, palm down, for the 30 lashes with a wet noodle (my head modestly tucked down so that no one can see how much I enjoy wet-noodle lashings).
Imagine my surprise, then, when upon returning online for the first time in several days I found my very first email was from The Bad Witch, and that she had nominated me for a blogging reward. I am honored, as I love her blogs, and find myself very pleased to have returned to the world at such a perfect time. Gosh, 30 lashes with that wet noodle AND a blogging award. I even had a choice! As I wrote to her, because I have for so long used as proof of my impaired sweetness the fact that I do not melt in the rain (despite my pride in being a Witch), I must go with the Beautiful Blogger award. Althogh I did never adopted it, when I chose my ritual name and had undergone the wonders of a modern vision quest, sweat lodge, three day solo and all, a kind someone said to me that they thought of me as Beautiful Dancing Warrior. It was compliment I held close, but never thought it a true part of my name. Just for today, however, I am going to revel in that thought of myself as Beautiful Dancing Warrior and allow that power to kick the crap out of this irritating systemic infection:) If that doesn’t do it I guess I’ll give modern Western Medicine a go at it, but don’t you think such a compliment ought to be medicinally valuable? I do. So:
What a glorious day!I have had 30 lashes with a wet noodle, an inspiring pat on the back, and food for my vain and already immense ego! I’m experiencing such rapturous twitches of pleasure that I will just have to be better disciplined (self disciplined, that is, she says with her head down to hide her grin over all those lovely wet noodle lashings) and sit down to my blogging and other projects more often for I HAVE LEARNED: Coming back to the world after a descent, whether it be a voluntary one or an unavoidable adventure in the Underworld, is not only reward enough in itself, but is sometimes rewarded by the world to which one returns. This is the first time my return has been met with a nomination for an award, and I am going to enjoy it as I would any decadent chocolate cake accompanied by a fine vintage (dry and sparkling) wine (please see the Bad Witch’s blog for the relevance of that remark). If I am successful in my second attempt at posting the proper picture here you will see it, otherwise this Luddite witch is off learning a new basic computer skill. And I am not shirking my other responsibilities here: I am new to the blogging world and I am going out to get to better know my fellow bloggers so that I can pass on the nominating process. I shall tell you seven things about myself later, when I report back on the sweet and beautiful bloggers that I have been getting to know. You already know that I include the Bad Witch in any nominating-to-good-things process.

from off stage is heard a joyful cackling, and “Ha ha, I did it!”


About dancingwarrior55

I am a 52 year old Wiccan Priestess, currently working toward a degree in Metaphysical Science. My primary focus is on Post Traumatic Growth/Disorder, and developing healing rituals and other tools for those facing traumatic challenge, especially for survivors of sexual assault/abuse and for combat survivors.
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